How does the moviemask work?

Place your smarthphone in the lid, put on a movie from any application that you like, close the lid and put your MovieMask on. 

which phones are the moviemask compatible with?

The MovieMask is compatible with most phones that are not wider than 78,1 mm, usually defined as up to 6,2’’ screens. This includes, but are not limited to, all models of iPhone, Samsung S6, S7, S8 and S8 edge. However, some phones has a button on the side, that will interfere with our mount (like Sony Xperia and some models of HTC).

The headset cord should go through the zippers. 

who can use the moviemask? 

Everyone! Although, people with astigmatism might struggle with the focus.

VR goggles give you a 3D experience. MovieMask gives you a 2D cinema experience. In order for VR goggles to work, the screen on the smartphone has to be split down the middle when showing the movie - one screen for each eye. This results in the need for special apps and low resolution movies. MovieMask uses a different optical solution, which means that we don't split the screen, have amazing screen resolution and work with all mobile apps. 

WHat is the difference from vr?